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The Texas based FReadom Fighters started in October 2021.  A group of Texas librarians concerned about rhetoric regarding libraries and librarians in Texas launched a virtual takeover of the #txlege hashtag on November 4, 2021. Over 16,000+ tweets were posted with participants sharing book titles, book covers and personal stories about how those books impacted them as readers.

Since then, the FReadomFighters have hosted Friday actions celebrating books and libraries, held monthly actions for followers to participate in, presented workshops and webinars on intellectual freedom, and worked with community members to ward off censorship. Our work continues to evolve over time.  Due to our grassroots efforts, we are recognized leaders for speaking up, advocating with Tx state legislators, tracking censorship, supporting librarians, and communicating with the media regarding the impacts of censorship, policies on library services for students, and the librarian professionals who serve them.

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"A pair of friends, alarmed at calls to ban books, decided it was time to speak out to help librarians—and readers."

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